A flashy website and strong digital branding matter little if customers can’t find you online.  Getting significant traffic to your business website should be a critical part of your company’s customer-facing marketing plan.  Today’s customers love to research their potential purchases online, and a high ranking on search engines supports your sales team and makes them feel like they are doing business with an industry leader.  This is even more crucial if your business actually sells its good or services online.

The best time to connect with a customer is when they are ready to buy, and online that means customers who are actively searching for your product (or even that of your competitors) on one of the big search engines.  GoldenrodOnline.com is a Google AdSense and Bing Ads certified vendor with over twelve years of experience in search engine marketing.  We can help you plan a keyword or display advertising campaign to get your website seen by customers right when it matters most.  These advertising programs are cost effective and can be scaled easily to accommodate virtually any budget.

Our experience in developing customer profiles and keyword campaigns will maximize your return on each advertising dollar spent.  But we never rest on our laurels.  We use custom analytics to track page views, click-throughs, user engagement, and more than a dozen other metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of each part of the digital marketing mix.  You need to know what is working and what need tweaking to keep up a steady stream of high-quality leads.

Give us a call today and let’s see if online advertising is the right fit for your company’s marketing.